????Super Excited News – Think Higher Consultants Opening Soon in TASMANIA‼️

At Think Higher, 2017 started with so much passion and zest. We always believe that quality and affordable services should be promoted to ever corner of Australia even to those areas where people needed the most.

Think Higher Consultants have decided to Open office in TASSIE!!. Tasmania to fame for its fine foods and cuisines, especially high quality cheeses, wines and chocolate. Tasmania is one of the popular destination of International students who wanted to study in this great island. 

International students who graduate in Tasmania are given key advantages:
✔️Applicants may select an occupation from the Consolidated Sponsored Occupations List rather than the Short Skilled Occupations list (there are no quotas on occupations)
✔️Applicants receive priority processing at the Department of State Growth and at the DIBP, speeding up the time it takes to be issued a visa
✔️Tasmanian Government nomination provides extra points in the DIBP points test. To check your points click on the interactive points calculator (nomination provides 5 points for the 190 and 10 points for the 489)
✔️Applicants who have studied in ‘regional’ Australia for two years receive extra points (DIBP categorises all of Tasmanian as regional)
international student graduates in Tasmania are not required to include a job offer with the application because they can use their professional and personal networks to help them find employment.

Thanks to everyone for your on going support and love.

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