The visa application charge is the amount of money in Australian dollars (AUD) that must be paid for a visa application, but in some cases the visa application charge is nil. The visa application charge is broken into two installments, with first installment payable when the application is made, and the second installment payable before visa grant. We will notify you if, and when, the second installment is due. Depending on your circumstances, there are be different types of charges included in the amount that is payable at the time of lodging a visa application. The charges that apply from 1 July 2017 include charge for additional applicants in a combined application, charge for subsequent temporary applications applied for in Australia, and a charge for certain visa applications that are not lodged through our online service. We do not usually refund the visa application charge, even if the visa application is refused or withdrawn. The second installment is not payable if the visa application is refused or withdrawn before the second installment is paid. See: Visa Pricing Table

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