Diploma of Interpreting – Hindi & English / Punjabi & English / Vietnamese & English


Highlights of the Grand intake promotion are as follows,

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Special offers if you enroll in this course on the spot-

–          Original Tuition Fees: $8,950 (all fees inclusive)

–          Grand intake special price$6,950 (all fees inclusive)

–          CoE student enrolment price: $7,450 (all fees inclusive)

–          Full amount of tuition fees are to be paid before course commencement

–          Proposed Grand intake date: 27th March 2017

–          Get 5 points towards Permanent residency


As is known to all, NAATI will introduce a new certification system to replace the current accreditation system. The new certification system is expected to be introduced in January 2018.

The first half of 2017 will become critical for those who need to obtain NAATI Accreditation.