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We are a nationally recognized training organization and Vocational Education Training provider, committed to improving your practical skills with a high-quality education to prepare you for the workforce.

About GBCA

Global Business College of Australia (GBCA) has partnered with the University of Canberra (UC) to jointly deliver bachelor degrees in Melbourne; commencing initially in the fields of IT and Commerce.

This valuable learning experience will equip graduates with disciplinary knowledge coupled with employability skills, an innovative mindset and the ability for lifelong learning.

Our partnership offers programs that seamlessly integrate academic knowledge with practical application, embedding industry-based projects within a learning environment that encourages independent thinking and exchange of ideas.


Featured Courses


In order to create opportunities for youth to experience international education and to understand western culture and political systems, GBCA College has designed innovative short programs to Melbourne, the world’s most liveable city. In this Short Programs, students have the opportunity to enhance their English language skills while experiencing the beauty and culture of Melbourne.


Business and Accounting are among the most popular and the most specialized programs around the world. Upon graduation, you will not only gain advanced standing into your degree but also the academic skills required to ensure ongoing success. You will confidently enter and contribute to the roles as business manager, entrepreneur, human resources manager, and small business manager


Information Technology is essential to every business and organisation, and can be applied to many different employment pathways. Students within this discipline acquire in-depth knowledge and skills in design, development, and implementation of a range of software-based systems over computer network infrastructures.


This course is designed for students who are planning to work as a paraprofessional interpreter (LOTE – English) typically in the community and business domains. During the program, our experienced and NAATI qualified trainers will step by step guide you through various interpreting exercises


Global Business College of Australia (GBCA) has partnered with the University of Canberra (UC) to jointly deliver bachelor degrees in Melbourne commencing 2017, initially in the fields of IT and Commerce. The two institutions are committed to ensure the highest standards of educational delivery as well as providing holistic academic and non-academic support to students both during and after their studies.

CRICOS number: University of Canberra / University of Canberra College #00212K