Australian Immigration Points Calculator 2021

Australian Immigration Points Calculator is really helpful to know the candidate’s eligibility for the Australian visa.

Australian Immigration Points Calculator:

 Here can check your eligibility to apply for Australian Subclass 188, 189, 190 or 491 Visa by using Australian Immigration Points Calculator.

Let’s evaluate your eligibility for Australian immigration by choosing the right options related to your background. Basically, first of all, it’s required to know the visa subclass you have to apply for and that should be according to your background and you should already know the requirements of the subclass. To know the detail of Visa subclasses you can check out our skilled immigration visa page. The next points are about our age actually age factor really matters in immigration and standard age helps you gain more points. Next point English language proficiency test score is usually a must question and candidates must require to gain the minimum bands. The other point Overseas Skilled Employment (Outside Australia) tells about the experience of working in a skilled occupation. Same the next option Overseas Skilled Employment (Inside Australia) can give you the more points and usually less number of candidates can have the work experience in relevant skill from inside Australia. All the other questions add points and determine your eligibility for the desired subclass visa. If your total points are less than the requirements then this is the point that can make you weak to fulfil your dream and here you need trusted guidance and sincere consultancy to fulfil the required criteria. Staff at Think Higher consultants consists of experienced consultants who are highly skilled in the skilled immigration visa process. So don’t stop to achieve your goal and contact us.

1. Visa Subclass

>>To learn more about Australian Visa Subclasses, visit General Skilled Migration Page.

2. Age

3. English Language Requirement

4. Overseas Skilled Employment – (Outside Australia)

5. Overseas Skilled Employment – (Inside Australia):

6. What is your highest qualification?

7. Australian educational requirements

8. Specialist education qualification

9. Credentialled community language

10. Study in regional Australia

11. Partner Skills

11. Partner Skills

12. Professional year

13. Nomination or sponsorship

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