Think Higher’s partner NIB OSHC is one of the major health cover providers in Australia who working since 2008. With NIB OSHC, they also deal with travel insurance. Their purpose is to make help people in the health cover programs so they can enjoy their stay in Australia.

Types of Health Covers Offers by NIB OSHC

Single Cover​

$41.35 AUD

Couple Cover​

$41.35 AUD

Family Cover

$41.35 AUD


The Stage when to visit a Hospital

  • In the following cases, you should go to the hospital visit.
  • Major injury (for example: badly bleeding or injured in a severe accident)
  • Critical illness (for example chest pain, unconscious or seizure, difficulty breathing)
  • You must call 000  or Immediately go to the Emergency Department of Hospital.

What Time to Visit a GP?

At the time you are sick and not facing a critical condition of your health, however, you need medical treatment. For the illness cases like symptoms of stomach aches, cold, and flu, or fever, you can visit a local doctor a GP a General Practitioner.

How can I extend my OSHC policy?

In case you have a plan to continue your studies in Australia, you can simply contact us and we can take your request procedure to the next level. 

How Healthcare System is working in Australia?

The Australian healthcare system can be broken up into two different categories:

  • Public: The availability of the Australian public healthcare system that is known as Medicare is only for reciprocal cardholders, citizens, and permanent residents.
  • Private: The private healthcare system like NIB covers you for:
  • both emergency
  • Non-emergency health issues (including things like treatment in a private hospital, the cost of an ambulance, and a visit to the dentist).

How do I switch to NIB OSHC?

To get most from the health insurance, NIB offers a range of quality health covers, designed for working visitors.

  • Choose the best-suited product according to your needs.
  • From your previous Australian health fund You must have a Clearance Certificate

How do I move from a student visa to a 485 Graduate Visa?

At the time of applying for a 485 Graduate visa you need to provide us:

  • Evidence of the appropriate health insurance in Australia.

Our health cover meets the 485 visa conditions set by the Department of Home Affairs (DHA).

Advantages of Choosing NIB OSHC

NIB plans are compliant according to the visa requirements of the Department of Home Affairs. NIB is able to receive your OSHC Confirmation Certification within the 5 minutes time. NIB has one million people on the portfolio as a trusted client for health insurance in Australia and New Zealand.

Want to Extend Your Student Visa?

Click here to extend your NIB OSHC.

Want More Information about NIB OSHC?

We Would Be Happy To Meet You And Learn All About Your Visa Needs

NIB OSHC is an Overseas Student Health Cover meets your requirement during the visit in Australia. 

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