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Pause in acceptance of new applications for 7 trade occupations!

Starting from September 25, VETASSESS will temporarily suspend the acceptance of new assessment applications for the following trade occupations:
      1. Chef, ANZSCO Code 351311
      2. Cook, ANZSCO Code 351411
      3. Diesel Motor Mechanic, ANZSCO Code 321212
      4. Motor Mechanic (General), ANZSCO Code 321211
      5. Fitter (General), ANZSCO Code 323211
      6. Electrician (General), ANZSCO Code 341111
      7. Metal Machinist (First Class), ANZSCO Code 323214.


This decision has been made in collaboration with Trades Recognition Australia (TRA) to manage the substantial influx of applications. If an individual has already applied to VETASSESS, there is no need for them to take any further action as their application will continue to be processed.


Pause in acceptance of new applications for Plumber (General)


VETASSESS will pause the acceptance of new Pathway 1 applications for the occupation of Plumber (General), ANZSCO Code 334111, starting from September 30th.
VETASSESS, currently, evaluates this occupation against the CPC32413 Certificate III in Plumbing, which has been replaced and is not aligned with the upcoming CPC32420 Certificate III in Plumbing qualification set to take effect on January 31, 2024.
All the pending plumbing applications will be completed by January 31, 2024.


New information sheets available

VETASSESS has recently introduced updated information sheets for two occupations:
      1. Financial Brokers nec
      2. Specialist Managers nec
For the occupation of Financial Brokers nec, there have been minimal changes to the existing criteria.
The Institute of Managers and Leaders, in its endorsement of the occupation of Specialist Manager nec, has stipulated that “the reporting line must unequivocally showcase the applicant’s duties at a strategic level, accompanied by decision-making authority within the specialized function of the organization.”


Endorsement of criteria for manufacturing occupations

VETASSESS has received an endorsement from the Australian Industry Group (Ai Group) for their criteria concerning the assessment of the following occupations:
      1. Manufacturer
      2. Production Manager (Manufacturing)
VETASSESS has recently revised the information sheets associated with these two occupations. While the fundamental criteria remain unchanged, VETASSESS has taken advice from Ai Group to provide further clarification on aspects related to the employment context. This clarification primarily pertains to the definition of manufacturing, the scale of operations, and the specific types of manufacturing that are deemed acceptable for these two occupations.