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Professional Year Documentary

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Tentative Questionnaire

  1. What is professional year?
  2. Accreditation of Professional Year Accounting?
  3. Why Skills Assessment is necessary for Professional Year?
  4. Professional Year Accounting Requirement?
  5. What is design and Structures of Professional Year Accounting Program?
  6. What Professional Year offers you?
  7. Most suitable candidates for Professional Year Accounting Program?
  8. Are there any exams and assignment in this course?
  9. What is the minimum requirement of attendance and classes per week?
  10. How you help Students for providing Internships?
  11. Is professional Year is job Oriented?
  12. How often Student get professional job during internships?
  13. What are your strengths?
  14. What makes you different from education provider?
  15. What is the duration of the course?
  16. What are benefits of PY Accounting Program?

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