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Submitting An EOI For NSW Nomination As Per The New Rules

Do you dream of working in Australia’s vibrant economy? Are you looking for a new challenge and a chance to start a new life? If so, you may be eligible to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) in SkillSelect for NSW Nomination. Let’s dive deep into how to submit an EOI for NSW Nomination as per the new rules announced.
Commencing your migration journey to New South Wales involves grasping the correct procedure for submitting an Expression of Interest (EOI) through SkillSelect. Below, you’ll discover crucial instructions to guarantee that your EOI qualifies for NSW nomination consideration.

Selecting right State and Subclass

For eligibility in an invitation round by NSW, your EOI should be aimed at a single visa subclass and explicitly request nomination from NSW. Opting for multiple visa subclasses or states (including ‘Any’) will result in the disqualification of your EOI.
You may submit multiple EOIs in SkillSelect.

Timing For Submissions

Submitting a new EOI for the current program year is unnecessary. All valid EOIs hold equal consideration in invitation rounds, and the timing of your submission has no impact on your likelihood of receiving an invitation for NSW nomination.

Documents Validity

Make sure that all your documents remain valid till the day you receive the invitation to apply and continue to be so for a minimum of 5 business days after submission. If any documents, such as English OR Skills Assessment OR your passport, have expired or will expire within this five-day window, you won’t qualify for NSW nomination.

Claiming Points

Upon receiving an invitation, it’s crucial to present valid evidence for all the points you’ve claimed in your EOI. This evidence should retain its validity for a minimum of 5 business days after you submit your application for NSW nomination. In case you’re unable to fulfil this condition, your invitation won’t be applicable to your application.

Employment Claims

For NSW nomination, it’s essential to note that claiming skilled employment is subject to certain timelines:
  • Deemed Skilled Date: If your skills assessment specifies this date, you can only claim skilled employment following the date you’re officially deemed skilled in your occupation.
  • Date Qualified: In cases where your skills assessment doesn’t indicate a deemed skilled date, you can claim skilled employment only after completing your qualifying study in your nominated occupation.
Keep in mind that attempting to claim skilled employment before NSW acknowledges you as skilled could result in your ineligibility to accept an invitation for NSW nomination.

Integrity and Compliance

New South Wales upholds a stringent policy against the submission of inaccurate documents or deceptive details. It’s crucial to understand that presenting false or misleading information to NSW authorities will result in the rejection of your application. This can have severe implications, potentially including a permanent disqualification from future eligibility and the possibility of being referred to the appropriate authorities for further inquiry or legal action.


Mastering the process of EOI submission in SkillSelect for NSW nomination demands meticulous attention to detail. Each stage, from choosing the appropriate subclass to validating all documentation, holds vital significance. Remember, the journey towards securing NSW nomination thrives on precision, not haste. While multiple EOIs are acceptable, each must be tailored with utmost care. Maintain the validity of your documents and claim your points with supporting evidence. Your envisioned future in New South Wales is not merely a distant aspiration; it’s an attainable reality, and it starts with a thoroughly prepared EOI.