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Why VETASSESS Application Goes On Hold

Upon reviewing the documents we recently received, we have identified some error patterns that are holding us back from submitting your documents for the VETASSESS skill assessment. These may include common errors that could result in unnecessary delays in processing your application. Here are some of the key reasons:
  1. Missing Signatures: Sometimes, the signatures are missing from the forms, and a blank form is uploaded to bypass the process.
  2. Signature Mismatch: Signatures that do not match the ones on the provided identification documents cannot be confirmed, causing delays.

Photograph Issues

Proper photographs are crucial for your application. The following issues can hinder the processing of your documents:
  • Low-Resolution Photographs: Ensure that your photographs are of high quality with clear resolution.
  • Incorrect Scanning Methods: Careless scanning at various angles or providing multiple photographs attached together can make it difficult to process your application.
  • Side Profiles: Avoid photographs with side profiles, as they may not meet the necessary standards.
  • Self-Clicked Mobile Phone Photos: Using a mobile phone camera for photographs may not yield the required quality.

Proof of Identity

  • Insufficient Documentation: It is crucial to provide all necessary personal identification documents. Missing documents are a common reason for application holds.
  • Lack of English Translations: In some cases, translations of documents are required, especially if the originals are not in English. Make sure to provide accurate translations.
  • Original Documents: Always provide original documents when required. If you supply English versions, ensure they are notarized or carry the necessary verification.