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What is a permanent Residence – (Skilled Regional) Visa?

The Skilled Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 191) is a new permanent residence visa for skilled workers who have lived and worked in a specified regional area of Australia on a provisional visa for at least three years. This visa will provide a pathway to permanent residence for those who have met the criteria for the provisional visa, but have been unable to meet the criteria for the permanent visa. The application can not be lodged while the applicant is outside Australia, to apply for a 191 visa the applicant must be in Australia.

Benefits of Subclass 191 Visa

Requirements for Subclass 191 Visa

Processing Time

The time it takes to process your application may vary case by case, There’s no standard processing time available. However, your application may get delayed if:
  • If the applicant does not complete the form correctly.
  • If the applicant did not include all the required documents.
  • If the Department of Home Affairs requires more information from you.
  • It may take longer for DHA to verify your information.