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What is a Engineers Australia Skill Assessment?

Engineers Australia is the designated authority for assessing the skills and competencies of engineers seeking to migrate to Australia or to obtain recognition for their qualifications and work experience. Engineers Australia provides a range of skill assessment services for different categories of engineering professionals, including professional engineers, engineering technologists, and engineering associates. The Engineers Australia skill assessment process involves a comprehensive evaluation of an applicant’s qualifications, work experience, and competencies against the Australian engineering standards. The assessment is based on a combination of document review, interviews, and practical assessments, as required. The outcome of the assessment determines whether an applicant’s qualifications and work experience meet the Australian engineering standards, and whether the applicant is eligible to apply for migration or recognition of their qualifications and work experience in Australia. The Engineers Australia skill assessment process is highly regarded by employers, professional bodies, and regulatory authorities, both in Australia and internationally.

Occupations Involved

Engineers Australia recognizes four occupational categories for skilled migration. These categories are based on educational qualifications and experience.

Types of Skill Assessment


Depending on your qualification, there are different pathways. The 5 pathways are:

Documents Checklist

For Accredited Qualifications

State and Territory Requirements