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Professional Year In Australia – Engineering

The Professional Year in Australia – Engineering Program is a structured professional development course designed to equip international engineering graduates with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the Australian workforce. This program is specifically tailored to meet the requirements of the Department of Home Affairs, making it an ideal pathway for international students looking to enhance their employability and secure permanent residency in Australia. The program is available to graduates who have completed a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in engineering at an Australian university or an overseas equivalent.
The Engineering Program is delivered by accredited providers and consists of a combination of classroom-based learning, practical training, and an internship placement in an Australian company. Participants will learn essential workplace skills such as effective communication, teamwork, project management, and technical writing, as well as gain an understanding of Australian workplace culture and professional standards. The internship component of the program provides participants with the opportunity to gain valuable real-world experience and develop professional networks in their chosen fields. Successful completion of the program will also give participants five additional points towards their permanent residency application through the Department of Home Affairs.


The Professional Year Engineering Program is of total 44 weeks(minimum) which is divided into the following:

32 Weeks

Training In Class

12 Weeks

Internship Placement


Eligibility Criteria


It is important to note that eligibility criteria may vary slightly between program providers. It is recommended that prospective participants check the eligibility criteria of their chosen program provider before applying.