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What is a Skilled (Regional) Visa?

The skilled regional (subclass 887) visa is a permanent visa for individuals currently holding a temporary visa who have lived and worked in designated regional areas of Australia for at least 2 years, with a minimum of 1 year of employment experience. This visa serves as a pathway to Permanent Residency and can only be applied for while the applicant is in Australia. The main purpose of this visa is to provide opportunities for General Skilled Migration visa holders to apply for a permanent residency visa. It is designed to support the development and growth of regional areas of Australia, by attracting skilled workers to live and work in these areas. The visa holder will be able to live, work and study in Australia on a permanent basis, and also apply for Australian citizenship.

Benefits of Subclass 887 Visa

Requirements for Subclass 887 Visa

Application Process

Collect all necessary documents, including previous visa information, work experience for at least 12 months, and personal documents.
Seek a detailed assessment from a migration expert and follow their advice.
Prepare to submit the visa application and apply for the visa online through ImmiAccount.
Wait for the visa application to be processed and reviewed by the Department of Home Affairs.
If approved, receive the notice of visa grant, including the visa grant number, visa conditions (if applicable), and the start date of the visa. This means you now have permanent residence status in Australia. If the application is rejected, receive a refusal notice with reasons for the refusal. It’s recommended to contact migration experts to assist with the application process.
After getting a Nomination, you can apply for your Subclass 491 visa online through the Department of Home Affairs (DHA). It may take several months for the DHA to make a decision on your visa application.
Upon approval of your application, you will receive a notice indicating the visa conditions, visa grant number, and the date on which the visa takes effect. This signifies that your visa has been granted and you are now able to travel to Australia.

Process Time

The typical processing time for an 887 visa is 21 months for 75% of applicants and 26 months for the remaining 90% of applicants. However, certain circumstances may lead to delays in the processing of your application, which include:
  • Incomplete application or missing supporting documents.
  • Slow response from the applicant to requests for additional information.
  • Time taken to obtain additional information from external agencies (such as health, character, and national security).
  • Limited number of places available in the 887 visa migration program.