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Allianz Care Australia is a well-established healthcare insurance provider that operates in more than 66 countries worldwide. It offers more than just healthcare insurance and aims to provide a stress-free and peaceful experience to individuals visiting, studying, or staying in Australia. The brand name Allianz Care Australia is recognized globally and has won accolades for its services.   Allianz Care Australia prioritizes the importance of healthcare and understands that it goes beyond mere compliance. It strives to provide clients with services that instill a feeling of security and safety, even when they are far away from home. Allianz Care Australia promises to assist clients in the best possible way, be it answering questions, making a claim, or providing any necessary assistance. With Allianz Care Australia by their side, clients can feel secure and supported.

Types Health Cover by Allianz

Working Visa - OVHC

Budget Working Cover: $77.25/Month
Standard Working Cover: $113.85/Month
Mid Working Cover: $167.00/Month
Top Working Cover: $313.75/Month

Non Working Visa - OVHC

Budget Visitors Cover: $135.15/Month
Standard Visitors Cover: $297.90/Month

Student Visa - OSHC

OSHC: From $46.00/Month

Types Health Cover by Bupa

Advantages of choosing Allianz

24/7 Access to Doctors and Dedicated Helpline

Enjoy the convenience of 24/7 access to a doctor and a dedicated helpline for any health-related concern. You can receive medical advice or assistance at any time of the day, providing peace of mind and support whenever you need it.

General Practitioner Services for After-Hour Visits and Medical Advice

Beyond regular medical center hours, you can receive comprehensive medical care through our General Practitioner (GP) services. Get medical advice and consultations from qualified doctors, even outside of standard operating hours.

Direct Access to Doctors via the Doctors on Demand App

Through the Doctors on Demand app, you can connect directly to a doctor for medical advice and assistance via phone or video chat. This service offers added convenience and accessibility, so you can receive medical care even if you are unable to visit a doctor in person.

Large Direct Billing Network and Easy Claims Process

Our large direct billing network makes payments for medical services hassle-free. With our straightforward and easy claims process, you can simply show your membership card to the medical provider, and we will take care of the rest, so you can focus on your health and recovery. 

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