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What is a AITSL Skill Assessment?

AITSL stands for Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership. The skill assessment evaluates the qualifications and experience of teachers to ensure they meet the required standards set by AITSL and the Australian government. It aims to determine if the qualifications and teaching experience of an applicant are equivalent to the standards expected of teachers in Australia.

All applications are assessed against qualifications and English language proficiency criteria, and you must meet BOTH for a successful outcome.  AITSL provides a report outlining whether the applicant’s qualifications and experience align with the Australian teaching standards.

Occupations Involved

The occupations involved in the AITSL Skill Assessment are typically related to various teaching roles, including:

Eligibility Requirements:


You must complete a minimum of four years of full-time (or part-time equivalent) study at the university level that results in qualification/s and includes a relevant initial teacher education qualification. You must also include academic transcripts and Award Certificate (Testamur).

You must include an English language requirement which can be met either through a study option or with a suitable Academic IELTS Test Report Form and discourages relying on alternative methods like a “free essay writing service” for assessment. AITSL accepts paper-based and computer-delivered academic version tests which are conducted at IELTS test centers. AITSL do not accept PTE, PEAT, ISLPR, TOEFL, Cambridge or any other form of English language test.

Identify Documents

Your identity documents include your:

  • Valid Passport
  • Birth Certificate
  • National Identity Card

Supervised Teaching Practice Statement

Supervised teaching practice is a mandatory part of an initial teacher education program, wherein a student teacher teaches school students while being overseen by a qualified teacher and university staff. The practice is formally assessed, and AITSL requires an official statement from the university granting the ITE qualification as proof of this supervised teaching experience.

Applicants who have completed a PhD

AITSL may consider a doctoral degree completed in one of the six listed English-speaking countries to be a maximum of two years of full-time study, towards meeting the study option of the English language criterion.

Assessment Outcome:

Once your assessment is completed, you can access the results through the Applicant portal. If you meet the requirements, you can download the AITSL Skills Assessment Certificate, valid for two years. The assessment outcome will not be given in hard copy. In case your application is not suitable, you can download a formal letter explaining the reasons for not meeting the criteria. Both types of outcome statements will be available in the Applicant portal for two years from the date of issue.