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What is a Institute Of Managers and Leaders Skill Assessment?

The Institute of Managers and Leaders Australia and New Zealand has been engaged by the Australian Government as an authorized assessing body to evaluate the skills of senior-level managers. This evaluation serves the specific purpose of facilitating skilled migration to Australia.
The Managers and Leaders Skill Assessment is crucial for skilled migration to Australia, especially for senior-level managers. If you are a senior-level manager intending to migrate to Australia on a skilled work visa, it might be obligatory to undergo a skill assessment through our organization. It’s worth noting that not all categories of work visas mandate this assessment. We strongly advise conducting comprehensive research or consulting with a registered migration agent to ascertain whether your individual circumstances necessitate a skill assessment.

Occupations Involved Institute Of Managers and Leaders

Engineers Australia recognizes four occupational categories for skilled migration. These categories are based on educational qualifications and experience.

Types of Skill Assessment

Time Frames

The Institute of Managers and Leaders strives to finalize Migration Skills Assessments based on the influx of applications throughout various periods of the year. These assessments will be conducted within the specified standard service durations, commencing from the moment a comprehensive application, complete with supporting documents and payment, is received.

Service Regular Express
Migration Skills Assessment 12 weeks 8 weeks
Review of Migration Skills Assessment 8 weeks N/A
Appeal against Migration Skills Assessment outcome 12 weeks N/A
Migration Skills Assessment outcome extension request 8 weeks N/A
Qualification Assessment for Temporary Graduate (subclass 485) Visa 6 weeks N/A

Documents Checklist

Birth certificate
Driving License
Social security Card
National ID
Marriage Certificate
clear scan of your award certificate and the academic transcript
Statements of employment( Employment Reference)
Organisational Charts
detailed position description of your role
Breif position Description of your direct reports/subordinates
Registration Certificate.
A professional reference that meets IML criteria.
Agent Declaration signed by applicant and Agent.
Contracts of employment

Letters of appointment/promotion

Bank statements showing the payment of salary

Employment – linked insurance records

Tax records

Company reports

Types of Employer Sponsored Visas