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What is a Australian Computer Society (ACS)

The Australian Computer Society (ACS) is the designated authority responsible for assessing the skills and qualifications of information and communication technology (ICT) professionals seeking to migrate to Australia or to obtain recognition for their qualifications and work experience. The ACS skill assessment process involves a comprehensive evaluation of an applicant’s qualifications, work experience, and competencies against the Australian ICT standards. The assessment is based on a combination of document review, interviews, and practical assessments, as required. The outcome of the ACS skill assessment determines whether an applicant’s qualifications and work experience meet the Australian ICT standards and whether they are eligible to apply for migration or recognition of their qualifications and work experience in Australia. The ACS provides skill assessment services for different categories of ICT professionals, including software engineers, network administrators, web developers, and database administrators, among others. The ACS skill assessment process is highly regarded by employers, professional bodies, and regulatory authorities, both in Australia and internationally.