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Why VETASSESS Application Goes On Hold

Upon reviewing the documents we recently received, we have identified some error patterns that are holding us back from submitting your documents for the VETASSESS skill assessment. These may include common errors that could result in unnecessary delays in processing your application. Here are some of the key reasons: Missing Signatures: Sometimes, the signatures are missing […]
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Pause in acceptance of new applications for 7 trade occupations!

Starting from September 25, VETASSESS will temporarily suspend the acceptance of new assessment applications for the following trade occupations: Chef, ANZSCO Code 351311 Cook, ANZSCO Code 351411 Diesel Motor Mechanic, ANZSCO Code 321212 Motor Mechanic (General), ANZSCO Code 321211 Fitter (General), ANZSCO Code 323211 Electrician (General), ANZSCO Code 341111 Metal Machinist (First Class), ANZSCO Code […]
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